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And There you have it, the famous casemod made by Locutus!!



Under construction more pictures, more text and more mods yet to come!!


Note!! click on the pictures to get a larger image ;o)


There you have it!! my pride and joy, a slightly modded Antec SOHO File server.


You can actually see, all my mods from this angle, except for the Neon tube mounted in the front.
  The top window (homemade window kit), my plexi modded Samsung 13 GB Hard drive, and my plexi modded A-Open Slot-in DVD drive.

A closer look at the top window, this is not a standard window kit, I couldn't find one that was in the right size and in chrome.

The front lid, with some chrome modding
The top window from another angle. You can see my PSU mod from this angle.
Inside the hard drive, I have mounted two blue led's. Despite many predictions, the hard drive still works, and have done so for about 11months (since January 2002) guess I am a lucky bastard :)
Those Lazer leds in my DVD drive are quite bright.

My side window. I had to mod this window kit,because the door handle was in the way.

I call this"Controlled Chaos" i like cables everywhere




And then we turn of the lights. On this picture you can see the neon tube in the front window, a handy thing at night, when you cant see what cd you are inserting.

Same picture angle, but with the blue cathode switched on.
Another look from the side, with the UV and the blue cathode switched on. From this angle you can see the blue leds in my hard and DVD Drive.
UV only. UV and Blue Cathode
Now you can see my DFI trilight PSU mod. blue cathode only.
UV and blue cathode on. I have had some complaints, concerning the headlights on this case ;)
A closer look at my fan duct thingy. I have cut a chrome metal plate, in just the right proportions, to fit the front of my case. The blue Triled fans is controlled with my fanbus
A closer look at my DVD drive Another angle.




The best keyboard you can get :P I have put a 5 foot glow wire under the keys. The same keyboard but with lights off, and the glow wire switched on. The power supply cable is running along the keyboard cable to the back of my pc.
My Bay bus and my LCD The back of my LCD. I have made all the wiring and mounting myself .... as you probably could imagine, from the looks of the cable mess hehe.
The back of my LCD by night, guess there is a lot of leds inside that display. The neon tube in the front door.
Another close up of my hard drive Same picture with the lights switched off
  Close up of my DVD drive.
And again from another angle.




My PSU mod with a premodded trilight fan.

(the only premodded thing I have)





And here are some close ups, of the cable mess inside my case.
A look down trough the top window.    




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